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  • The Stonewall Inn 53 Christopher Street New York, NY, 10014 United States (map)

THE GIRLS ARE BACK IN TOWN! After spending a whole week and a half in Los Angeles, Colette and Olivia are back in the New York groove & feeling better & looking dewier than ever before. Really & truly - after all the tinctures of “living clay” that they drank, vegan gluten-free small batch flagellum-infused reishi buddha bowls that they ate, and social media influencers that they saw social media influencing in that wacky city to the west, even their poos feel rich & luxurious!!!!!

With their eyes on a beautiful gay teen’s YouTube makeup tutorial and at least fifteen different Korean snail mucus products slowly soaking in to their skin, Colette and Olivia are ready to make the transition from girls with “great personalities” to hot models-slash-djs. Join the ladies of ITWAN as they discover the existence of eyelid primer, come to the horrifying realization that makeup has an expiration date (did other people know this???), and discuss the topic that’s been occupying their minds since they first saw a photo of Topanga on the cover of a J-14: ~*~BEAUTY~*~ Come to the Stonewall Inn & watch live as these two butterfaces finally upgrade themselves & become a couple of beautiful Country Crock queens.